Rick "The Computer Guy" originally started as a small consulting project for me while working in the corporate world.  I provided technical services to a few select businesses that needed a skilled IT person without the overhead of a full-time employee.

I feel that most small businesses are in the same situation, where a full-time tech isn't necessary, and in many cases where they have a desktop person to deal with day to day pc problems, they still do not have the skill set to work with and resolve complex network or server issues.

That's where I come in.  To help plan for an IT budget properly, rotation and replacement of desktop computers using smart business methodologies, without requiring a large capital expenditure any single year.

IT SHOULDN'T hurt.  It's not cheap, but overall it should be reasonable and considered an employee efficiency product with a plan and an understanding by management of what is happening and why.  It's not smoke and mirrors, it's the backbone of your business.

Let me show you why you should consider me.
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