Aug 10, 2013 -   I am now a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist with Windows 7. I continue to maintain and improve my skills, if you want the best, you should use Rick. I am continuing to improve and certify with more products. I have been a Microsoft Certified Product Specialist since 1996. Do you have someone that can say the same, Certified since 1996 and certified on Windows 7?

May 19, 2013 -  For computer users of Sanpete, you should NEVER have to reinstall because of a virus or spyware. If your computer person cannot remove it, then they shouldn't be in the computer business. Viruses are such a large part of computers now, especially rootkits, don't settle for less. Don't risk your data. Bring it to Rick.

My phone number is 435-610-1573

and my email is

For Businesses who need IT services and support
There are almost as many consultants providing services as there are types of businesses that need support.  Selecting one is a daunting process, locating and identifying a consultant that has the skills you need and will be available when you need them most.

That is where I come in.  I am very experienced, you will be working with me directly. I can assist with your existing wiring, infrastructure, network, and all of your technology equipment. I want to provide the peace of mind that if something does go wrong, that it won't be a nightmare for you.  I design reliable systems and servers, battery backups, backup procedures that work, off-site backups that can be delivered to your location when needed.

For the home user

I offer on-site service, pick-up & delivery. For your peace of mind, I provide a 30 day warranty for any work that I do. Prepayment is required for all parts orders, but if I ever have any equipment for more than 15 days without your PRIOR consent, the service is free. I provide many fixes for free by remote control over the Internet. Call to find out it would work for you.

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